Ankit Chawla

Founder and Chief Editor, New Delhi




Ankit is an experienced technology blogger who has worked with websites that include FreeCharge, Stockholics, Gizmophiliacs and Tech Afrikico. He studies management but his heart lies in technology. Will buy anything or everything that moves, if it is on a deal.

He mostly spends his time researching about outrageous startup ideas that probably will never work out.
Till then, if you want to suggest or pitch any stories, catch him at  stockholics(at)

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Manveet Singh

Senior Editor, New Delhi

Robots and Me 2
There is a string that connects Manveet and Technology together. He has wanted to break it, but just can’t find it. Since Technology gave him his rozi-roti, he has made peace with it now.

Actively looking for ways to make learning for students interesting. And trying to make Robotics in India popular.

Share your views rtt(at)

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Bhavya Rishi

Senior Editor, Mesra




Bhavya is a student of architecture, that is close to engineering but sounds much cooler. He spends his day killing enemies in Call of Duty and building structures that will stand next to the Empire State Building one day.
If you want to pitch him a gaming story or a building structure (Eiffel Tower ripoffs not allowed), catch him at rishibhavya1994(at)

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Anandha Sudhan

Web Developer, Chennai




Anand is our resident web platform developer who focuses on making the site beautiful and responsive so you can read your technology reports and editorials comfortably on any device you own.

He is a curious technologist, always seeking to expand his horizon within new technology.

He is open to any queries, and completely available at rasudhan(at)