uberXL launched in Delhi to fit in more passengers


uberXL in Delhi

Travelling in a group or with family using uber India was not really an ideal solution until now. uber has over time launched different services to make travelling easier for commuters in India like, uberPOOL. Yesterday they launched another service called uberXL in Delhi, which would make travelling with family or in a group or even when you’re carrying extra luggage easier.

uberXL will give an extra personal space to the riders looking for an Xtra-Large in their travel plans. Riders ordering a ride through uberXL in Delhi will get cars with seating capacity of up to 6 people in cars like Toyota Innovas or Maruti Suzuki Ertigas among others starting today.

Rates of uberXL in Delhi

uberXL rates
With a starting base fare of Rs. 85 and per kilometre cost of Rs. 12, the minimum fare for hailing an uberXL in Delhi is Rs 125

Pro Tip for uberXL

uberXL protip
Using fare-split in uber app, you can easily split the final fare with the fellow passengers travelling along with you. uberXL in Delhi gives you more for your money wherever you need to be.

Source: uber Newsroom