Review of Blaupunkt Mobile Accessories


Blaupunkt, the Germany-based consumer lifestyle and technology brand, has been a leader in India for its home and audio equipments. Recently they entered the mobile accessories segment choosing India for their global launch. They will launch their smart phones, smart watches and phablets in other SAARC markets after their launch in India. Vidur & Co. of New Delhi are responsible for the launch of Blaupunkt branded product in India and other SAARC countries.

They have launched a variety of Data Cables, Car Chargers, and Earphones to kickstart Blaupunkt Mobile Accessories’ journey in India. They have further plans to launch Bluetooth earphones, wired headphones, power banks, wall-mount charger and wireless charging dock among other accessories soon.

Review of Blaupunkt Mobile Accessories

Review of Blaupunkt Mobile Accessories

I have been using the base model of all 3 products launched in India, the Data Cable, Car Charger and Earphone, for quite sometime now.

Blaupunkt Earphones

MRP: ₹ 1099 | Current Price: ₹ 599

It’s not everyday you find earphones for your mobile with both volume control and play/pause music from it. Earphones from Blaupunkt have all that along with a flat cable which makes it tangle free. Even with all these physical practicalities, the best feature of the earphones is the sound quality.

Plug-in the Blaupunkt earphone to listen to your favourite song and your whole music experience changes from hardly mediocre to simply great. Yes, it does have that affect. The earphones have high quality sound, stereo and bass. Bass on the headphones is spot on, making the songs more enjoyable.

Most of the earphones have mic, play/pause button, volume or any combination of these, in the same button, at the junction where wires diverge for each ear. Listening to music is not a problem, but it makes for a weird position which using it as a mic for calling. Blaupunkt earphones don’t have that problem. They have a separate mic and play/pause button on the right ear wire and placed it well so that mic is properly aligned while on call.

Blaupunkt Car Charger

MRP: ₹ 1099 | Current Price: ₹ 599

Blaupunkt Safety Car Charger

You can power 2 USB devices using their car charger. No more tough decision making to plugin phone charger or wireless dongle on your ride. You can plug them both in.

Blaupunkt calls is the Safety Car Charger as it comes with Glass breaker and Seat Belt Cutter, both of which would turn out to be extremely useful in case of an accident. The tungsten glass breaker is present at the tip of the charger, while the seat belt cutter is well out of general reach right under the blue-lit branding.

The only thing risky is if someone isn’t aware of the belt cutter, it would seem like a good accessory to clip-on to shirt pocket or trouser. Trying to use it as an accessory to clip-on could take a drastic turn.

Blaupunkt Data Cable

MRP: ₹ 499 | Current Price: ₹ 249

When I first held the data cable in my hand, I thought the team from Vidur & Co. handed me a subpar non-Blaupunkt product, it felt so soft to hold. They must have seen my reaction to it, and told me to look at either end of the wire. The USB end as well as the end for your phone have grips and are shaped in way to easily insert & pullout the wire. This is when I realised that it has to be a Blaupunkt product, it had to be German engineering.

It’s better than the original.

Blaupunkt’s Micro to USB cable is softer than any original mobile phone cable I have held in my hand. The connectors at both ends make it easy to pull the cable. It is compatible with multiple devices, almost all of android smartphones and more.

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